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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fungus Hunt

   Friday we spent the afternoon exploring the park to find the fungi that we have been learning about this week. We learned in class about Oomycota (protistlike fungi), Zygomycota (common moulds), Ascomycota (sac fungi), Basidiomycota (club fungi), and Deuteromycota (imperfect fungi).  On our fungi walk we found mushrooms EVERYWHERE!  We found many Club Fungi species including mushrooms, colourful jelly mushrooms, and many many shelf mushrooms growing through all sorts of decaying matter.  We also found symbiotic Lichens in the form of Crusticose, Foliose, and Fructicose lichens on seemingly every surface, snacking on sunlight.  We were slightly disappointed not to find any real fairy circles, however, it may have been fortunate as we wouldn't want to lose any of our classmates into other worlds.
   I very much enjoyed finding fungi seemingly on every surface of the forest, but more so I loved getting to know you guys as my students.  I had been very much looking forward to having this type of casual exploration of real-life biology and enjoyed chatting and getting to know you so much.   Thanks for being such an awesome class! @msiannone

Student task:
-Upload a short positive paragraph telling the world about our trip, linking what you learned in class to what you found on our fungus walk.  Reflect upon the purpose of our trip, how it links to what we learned about fungi, and if you learned anything new (see rubric sheet for details)  /20
-Include 8 of your group's favorite fungi photos (each student should have 8 photos posted). /8
-One of these photos should have fungal parts labeled using the Skitch ap (parts should include at least: mushroom cap, fruiting body, stalk, gills, mycelium, hyphae, bastidia, and spores). /7

Due Wednesday, Nov 21

This is a beautiful Basidiomycota that we found on our fungus hunt.

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